Oct 20, 2008

Still learning Flex - FlexChess

Hey, I have had a good time these days, making this little chess game. I was thinking about making it a client for a real online chess project based on webservices. I'll just keep it in my "possible projects for bored times" case. It's already rather busy in there, but I do the dust from time to time.

The Eclipse project zip is available here. Comments are in french.

While I was looking for some inspiration, Alexandre directed me to this fantastic site. The guys at chesscube made a great 100% Flex chess site. The only thing that is boring me is the lack of design innovation. It just looks too much like another Flex site, and they are overusing this bling-bling reflection fashion for every single image. That's it for the negative part. All the rest is very, clear, easy, fluent, the chess board is extremely readable. That all makes it one of my favourite sites now.